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7 Ways to Find a Ride and Get Where You Need To Go

Getting where you need to go is important. Getting a ride there is too.

Options for finding a ride

Are you struggling to get where you need to go?

Finding a ride to the store, doctor’s appointments, or work can be overwhelming, depending on your situation or where you live.

At Catalytic Health Partners (CHP), we want you to know you’re not alone. If you’re in a tough spot, you can always call us. We’ll listen to understand your situation and help you find ways to get where you need to go.

Maybe you just want more choices.

Public transit is usually an option but can come with long wait times, delays, and a fee. While public transport is widely available, it’s not your only option.

Let’s explore seven ways you can find a ride:

Tip #1 - Paratransit

Paratransit is a public transportation option built for people with disabilities. The buses have wheelchair-accessible ramps, reserved seating, and extra assistance.

Some paratransit options offer free rides. But others still require a fee. You can receive discounts on your ride if you have a disability or are a senior. You can also buy a premium pass for unlimited rides.

Tip #2 - Friends, Family, and Support Network

The first people you can contact are those you are close to. If you have friends or family in the area, tell them you need transportation help. Even if they can’t help, they might know someone who can.

Are you involved in a local group, church, or community center? You can ask the organization’s leaders if they can help with transportation or know someone who can help with ride assistance.

Tip #3 - A Rideshare

You can ask for rideshare if you know someone who travels the same route. For example, you can ask a coworker to pick you up. Usually, when you rideshare, you give a little money to help with gas.

Let your friend or coworker know if you can’t help with gas. They may still be able to give you a lift.

Tip #4 - Reduced Fare Program

The Valley Metro in Phoenix and other public transit have reduced fare programs. The reduced fare program offers a more affordable public transit cost for those in need. You need to apply for a reduced fare before you can enjoy the reduced price. Be sure to ask for help completing the application and getting a form of ID.

In Tucson, transit fares remain free through the end of 2023. Even if that changes, you still have options.

The Mountain Line public transit service also offers a reduced fare program in northern Arizona. You need to apply and have a valid form of ID to receive a reduced fare. Be sure to ask for help getting your ID and completing the application.

Tip #5 - Local Charities and Support Organizations

If public transit isn’t free, you can request temporary help from local nonprofits and charities. Churches, local nonprofits, and the Salvation Army often gift free bus passes to help people in emergencies.

This isn’t a long-term answer. But it can help you get to a doctor’s appointment or job interview.

Tip #6 - Area Agencies on Aging

Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) helps seniors and those with disabilities. The state runs AAA.

AAA supports those who are 55 and older with transportation. Their goal is to help you live more independently.

Tip #7 - Centers for Independent Living

Centers for Independent Living support people with disabilities for more independent living. One of their services is transportation help. Visit the directory to find one near you. Then, you can contact that center to see their available transportation programs.

Bonus Tip - Your team at Catalytic Health Partners

Catalytic Health Partners can help you get a ride

Call Catalytic Health Partners (CHP) - we are your partners in healthy living. That includes every area that impacts your well-being, like food, housing, and transportation. We want to make sure you receive the support you need.

That includes helping you get where you need to go. We especially want to make sure you can get to important doctor appointments.

That’s why we help find transportation options for our members. It’s always easier if you let us know about appointments ahead of time, but we’ll even help if you call the same day.

When you call your CHP team for help, they will:

  • Set up and schedule transportation (AHCCCS or alternative)

  • Call your ride ahead of time to confirm the pickup time and your location

  • Call or text you to be sure you got picked up

  • Call your ride ahead of time to confirm pickup for your return trip

  • Call or text you to be sure you are on your way home

Contact your CHP team to learn about transportation options in your area and how to get help.

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