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Your goals are
the starting point

The most important things to you over the next 12 months become the center of your new plan. This new care plan will guide us as we overcome the things getting in your way to reaching your main goals.

Writing Notes

What a personal goal might look like

Main goal:


Key steps:

CHP can help:

Get my own place

Limited income
Health issues make it hard to work
Saving for a security deposit
Struggling to stay on meds

Ask my docs about medication options with CHP’s help

Follow up with referrals from my primary doctor

Meet with CHP twice a month to keep things moving

Apply for food stamps (SNAP)

Sign up for utility discounts suggested by CHP

Research housing options that accept limited income
Find resources to help with security deposits
Attend medical appointments to advocate for member

A journey worth taking

A lot can get done in a year with the right kind of support. While everyone’s needs are different, here’s a look at what’s in store for you in the year ahead.

Too good to be true, right?

Let’s get you some answers and hear firsthand from people who let us join them in their journey.

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